Unique insights
Unique insights
AWH is committed to ensuring that all company business is conducted according to rigorous ethical, professional, legal and safety standards, while providing world class supply chain solutions and being recognised for excellence, innovation, value and unrivalled service in the agri-business and general logistics sectors. Our company is governed by a Board of Directors.

Executive Members of the Board

Michael Jones – Chief Executive Officer, AWH Pty Ltd

John Porter – Chief Financial Officer, AWH Pty Ltd

Jo D’Andrea – General Counsel and Company Secretary, AWH Pty Ltd


Non-Executive Directors

Jason Varsamidis – Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, DP World Australia

Mark Hulme, Chief Operating Officer Logistics, DP World Australia

Robert Clayton, Managing Director, Landmark Operations Limited

Ian Ross, Chief Business Development Officer, DP World Australia

Brett Freer, General Manager – Fertiliser & Distribution, Landmark Operations Limited

Glenn Huddleston, Business Development Manager, Landmark Operations Limited


Alternate Directors

Max Kruse - Alternate Director, Chief Operating Officer Terminals, DP World Australia

Paul Scurrah – Alternate Director, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, DP World Australia