Leading the Charge
Leading the Charge
Leading the Charge
As one of the longest serving participants in the wool industry and with over 54% of the national market, AWH understands its obligation and responsibility to the national economy to be an industry leader in implementing continuous improvement, development and efficiency creation.

AWH is at the forefront of wool supply chain innovation, with plans to develop and implement several evolutionary changes and technology improvements to revolutionise the wool industry. Some of the technology solutions we are implementing are as follows:

FastClasser – E-Speci Application

A native mobile application for the creation of “in shearing shed” wool book and electric data formatted Wool Classer Specifications and National Wool vendor Declaration (NWD). The automatic and simultaneous creation and transmission of an “E-speci” electronic data file to Brokers and AWH will greatly improve the supply change efficiency at the ‘front end’ of the process.

Automated Wool Lotting

By applying a complex algorithm with takes account of: wool type and volume, wool market conditions (price, average lot size, clearance rate etc), grower /sheep history, broker history to the electric wool data from the E-speci, we are able to offer Brokers an automated wool lotting service which allows us to handle the wool immediately upon arrive, thereby obviating the need for quarantine storage charges.


By applying RFID (and barcoded) tags to every bale of wool that arrives at AWH we can remove requirement for bale marking post sale, we can e-correct many discrepancies, create an E-File for each bale and lot/folio which will have 100% of the data on that wool. This can also be matched to test results for full tracking and wool provenance both pre and post sale.

On Arrival Coring

With the use of auto-lotted E-speci data and RFID identified bales, we can now core wool for test sampling immediately on arrival at AWH stores. This will be both a time and money saving process improvement. Utilising advanced six axis multi-station robotics and AI processing we can core sample wool at higher accuracy and at many times the current rate, remove manpower costs and handle wool testing of individual bales to ITWO/AWTA standards immediately upon arrival without sorting.

Export Dumping

We are developing a medium density dumping solution for export packing to allow 144 bales to be economically packed and exported in each per 40 ft container, thereby delivering significant saving to wool buyer and exporters.