Going Further
Whatever it takes
Wool supply chain
We want to grow our wool handling business. Given we are in a declining wool production market, we need to lengthen our involvement to have a greater presence in the wool supply chain.

To achieve this elongation of influence and involvement in the wool supply chain we are seeking to reinvent the entire wool supply chain from the grower to the processing mill.

AWH is seeking to provide a compelling commercial solution for buyers to use AWH as a preference when dealing with any aspect of the wool export supply chain. Accordingly, we have embarked on a transformation journey for the wool supply chain which will reinvent the wool supply chain as we know it.

The innovations we are currently implementing are the first phase of this process. Our next area of focus is the complete reinvention of the post sale phase of the wool supply chain.

This reinvention will require:

  • Consolidation of composite wool loads (multi-buyer loads)
  • Commoditised bulk transport/shipping
  • Blockchain account settlement and electronically verified ownership transferal
  • RFID technology implementation and E-File wool data transferral